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5 Great Shirts for French Bulldogs

Frenchie got style!

5 Great Shirts for French Bulldogs Overview

Shirts for French Bulldogs are becoming all the rage.

French Bulldogs are on the rise to become one of the most popular breeds going. They’re one of the celebrities of the dog world and a big hit on Instagram! But like any celebrity – a little added style can go a long way.

There’s a lot out there but they don’t all fit. So we’ve taken a go (although it’s wise to double check – we’ve included few points at the end of this post for buying the right shirt size for your Frenchie and maintaining them).

We’ve already covered the human t-shirt for geek girls – so here are some adorable outfits for your Frenchie.

Henry the Zebra Cotton Dog Shirt

Shirts for French Bulldogs - Henry the Zebra Cotton Dog ShirtThis is gorgeous! Okay, we wouldn’t call it “geek” – but it’s definitely cute. With a Frenchie you probably don’t need more of a reason for people to fawn over them – but this little number is sure to elicit more than a few “awwww” when walking down the high street.

Sizes: There are a few different sizes of this t-shirt for Frenchies available from 12″ to 18″ as well as back lengths – but the seller does have a chart on measuring.

Available HERE

Hawaiian Style Floral Beach Shirt

Shirts for French Bulldogs - Floral ShirtYour French Bulldog will look straight off the set of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo and Juliet (fun fact: DiCaprio is a French Bulldog owner) with this cool floral beach shirt. Instant street cred for the beach or while cruising along in the car (or bus).

Available in a range of sizes. We’ve linked to the smallest size available – but as ever – measure first.

Available HERE

Hipster Plaid Shirt

Hipster Plaid ShirtWhether you and your Frenchie are on the streets of Shoreditch, London or Bushwick, New York – they won’t look out of place with this ultra hip shirt. And if anyone asks, just tell them your Frenchie got it before they became cool.

Available in a range of sizes and colours. These sell out quite quickly so you may have to wait for the one you really want.

Available HERE

Cherry Soda Candy Tank Top

Cherry Soda CandyWhile we were on the hunt for shirts for French Bulldogs – this bight little number struck us. There’s loads of different styles and colour variations of this faded printed shirt – but this one was by far our favourite. I actually wear a human version almost identical to this often as well as a bunch of similar styles. Cool, bright, colourful with a hint of Tarantino geek.

Available in various sizes and colours.

Available HERE

Personalised Polo Shirt

Personalised Polo ShirtWe saved the best for last as these are pretty amazing. Yes, we know the picture isn’t a Frenchie (anyone out there want to model this?) but a personalised polo shirt is just too cool to miss. Treat your french bulldog with style.

Various sizes, designs and personalisation options available.

Available HERE

A few notes to bear in mind about shirts for French Bulldogs as well as dog shirts in general, especially t-shirts. It’s highly recommended spending a little extra time doing the proper measurements on your dog before buying the shirt. This is true especially around the neck. Not only do you want to have a good fit for your dog, you also want to make sure you’re not having to pull hard to get it from their head.

Also make sure your dog isn’t getting too hot. One of our dogs is a tri-colour cavalier king charles spaniel, so shirts can be pretty good on a hot day as his fur generally absorbs the black fur.

You should always follow the washing machine instructions to avoid any shrinkage. Fairly common sense, as it’s the same for human t-shirts, but worth noting anyway.

And that concludes our top five shirts for French Bulldogs to buy online. If we have missed anything particularly fetching (geddit?) then comment below or drop up a note – we suspect there will be a Frenchie shirt round two! Top Dog.

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