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Personalised dog gifts not only send Fido into wagging tail mode – they also look good around the home. It’s a growing market with people buying more bespoke items for their furry, fluffy friend.

So we’ve put together our favourite personalised dog gifts from 2018. As with a lot of the things on this site – we’ve tried and tested many of these – but we always welcome more suggestions from our readers.

Personalised ‘Bear Hug Blanket’

personalised dog gifts - bear hug blanketThis machine washable blanket from the guys at Spoilt Rotten Pets is designed for larger dogs (there are smaller versions available). The blanket is the height of comfort. To say it’s soft and cuddly doesn’t do it justice.

What makes it even better is the personalised embroidery of your loved ones name. Of course, if you have more than one cuddly companion like we do – there’s bound to be jealous – so more than one may be required to stop arguments.

Arcadian Dog Bathrobe

Personalised Dog Gifts - BathrobeNot strictly personalised – but with so many different sizes and colours you can find something to match your pooches unique style. Plus, it’s a bathrobe! It doesn’t get much cooler than a dog with his/her own bathrobe. Anyway… in addition to the bathrobe being cute, it’s practical. So the next time you take fido to the beach, the pool, the sea or when caught in the rain – this fashion accessory will do the trick.

Personalised Paw Print Towel

Personalised Dog Gifts - Paw Dog TowelBoth of our dogs are water fans. No, not fans – one actively hates it – more make contact with water often. Being in the UK, it rains constantly – not to mention the showers from trailing in the mud and the trips to the local dog swimming pool. All of these make for a very wet pooch. Of course, we have towels – but the yelling of “No, not that blue towel, THAT blue towel!” aren’t unusual. Anyone else? No, just us? Okay then.

You can see the practical side then, obviously, but like the personalised towels and robes for humans – this is another status symbol for your family member.

Like several of the personalised dog gifts; there’s a few variations of this towel out there – this one being personally embroidered with a towel dimension of approx 120cm x 70cm.

Added bonus – for the sci-fi geeks out there, this will look great on Towel Day.

Personalised Dog Treat Jar

Personalised Dog Gifts - Dog JarPaws off! These treats are mine. This jar is a nice way or storing those treats. They are made of ceramic with a wooden lid and are available in a range of colours.

Just remember to keep it out of reach – we’ve lost many treats that way.

Bone shaped Dog Bowl holder (with bowls)

Personalised Dog Gifts - Bone shaped Dog Bowl holderI’ll start by saying that the product name “The Boner” is perhaps, in hindsight, a little ill considered. Or perhaps the cheeky ‘Carry On’ bawdy innuendo is intentional. I’m surely not the first person to query this, so I guess the latter.

Anyway, this is a pretty neat design. The wooden base is laser engraved with your dogs name while two 6.5” stainless steel bowls are included. This is way too small for larger dogs, but great for smaller pups. We’ve included an alternative below for the bigger pooches out there.

Personalised Ceramic Large Dog Bowl

Personalised Dog Gifts - Large Ceramic Dog BowlBetter for larger dogs, this ceramic dog bowl is strong, weighs just over 1kg with a height and width of around 18cm.

Unlike a lot of other personalised dog bows out there – this one not only allows a name (up to twelve characters long) and a message below (up to thirty characters long).

Now, here’s the thing – coming up with that subtitle can take some thought. There are countless terms – but given our penchant for all things geek – here’s a few film title puns that could apply:

  • Gone in 60 Seconds
  • The Fast and the Furriest
  • Bark to the Future
  • Donnie Barko

You get the idea. Perhaps we should just stick to dogs.

Personalised ‘reserved’ Cushion

Personalized Gifts for Dogs - Reserved for CushionThe last of our personalised dog gifts starts with a cautionary tail (boom boom). I’m not sure how things go in your house, but in ours the dogs have laid claim to everything. We’ve lost the sofa, the chairs, the bed, the floors and every other space of comfort to them. Most days we land up just standing whilst they sprawl out in comfort. Hmphh.

So this reserved cushion is a natural extension of this. After all, a visitor could assume that that empty sofa is a perfect place to, you know, sit. They would of course, be wrong. “That’s Fido’s spot” you’ll say as Fido eyes the visitor with distain.

Also this is a far better smelling way to mark a dogs territory.

This machine washable cushion contains durable linen to stop it being destroyed easily and can have your dogs name added as part of the product.

That’s it from our list of best personalised dog gifts for 2018. We hope you enjoyed out recommendations. However, as with anything home based – opinions will vary. So why not share yours or your suggestions in the comment section. Whatever you end up surprising your furry friend with – I hope it’s a waggy tail affair! Top Dog.

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5 Great Shirts for French Bulldogs Wed, 22 Aug 2018 12:00:22 +0000 French Bulldog's are one of the celebrities of the dog world. And like all good celebrities they need a cool kickin' wardrobe. So we've handpicked the five best Frenchie shirts and t-shirts from the internet. More

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5 Great Shirts for French Bulldogs Overview

Shirts for French Bulldogs are becoming all the rage.

French Bulldogs are on the rise to become one of the most popular breeds going. They’re one of the celebrities of the dog world and a big hit on Instagram! But like any celebrity – a little added style can go a long way.

There’s a lot out there but they don’t all fit. So we’ve taken a go (although it’s wise to double check – we’ve included few points at the end of this post for buying the right shirt size for your Frenchie and maintaining them).

We’ve already covered the human t-shirt for geek girls – so here are some adorable outfits for your Frenchie.

Henry the Zebra Cotton Dog Shirt

Shirts for French Bulldogs - Henry the Zebra Cotton Dog ShirtThis is gorgeous! Okay, we wouldn’t call it “geek” – but it’s definitely cute. With a Frenchie you probably don’t need more of a reason for people to fawn over them – but this little number is sure to elicit more than a few “awwww” when walking down the high street.

Sizes: There are a few different sizes of this t-shirt for Frenchies available from 12″ to 18″ as well as back lengths – but the seller does have a chart on measuring.

Available HERE

Hawaiian Style Floral Beach Shirt

Shirts for French Bulldogs - Floral ShirtYour French Bulldog will look straight off the set of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo and Juliet (fun fact: DiCaprio is a French Bulldog owner) with this cool floral beach shirt. Instant street cred for the beach or while cruising along in the car (or bus).

Available in a range of sizes. We’ve linked to the smallest size available – but as ever – measure first.

Available HERE

Hipster Plaid Shirt

Hipster Plaid ShirtWhether you and your Frenchie are on the streets of Shoreditch, London or Bushwick, New York – they won’t look out of place with this ultra hip shirt. And if anyone asks, just tell them your Frenchie got it before they became cool.

Available in a range of sizes and colours. These sell out quite quickly so you may have to wait for the one you really want.

Available HERE

Cherry Soda Candy Tank Top

Cherry Soda CandyWhile we were on the hunt for shirts for French Bulldogs – this bight little number struck us. There’s loads of different styles and colour variations of this faded printed shirt – but this one was by far our favourite. I actually wear a human version almost identical to this often as well as a bunch of similar styles. Cool, bright, colourful with a hint of Tarantino geek.

Available in various sizes and colours.

Available HERE

Personalised Polo Shirt

Personalised Polo ShirtWe saved the best for last as these are pretty amazing. Yes, we know the picture isn’t a Frenchie (anyone out there want to model this?) but a personalised polo shirt is just too cool to miss. Treat your french bulldog with style.

Various sizes, designs and personalisation options available.

Available HERE

A few notes to bear in mind about shirts for French Bulldogs as well as dog shirts in general, especially t-shirts. It’s highly recommended spending a little extra time doing the proper measurements on your dog before buying the shirt. This is true especially around the neck. Not only do you want to have a good fit for your dog, you also want to make sure you’re not having to pull hard to get it from their head.

Also make sure your dog isn’t getting too hot. One of our dogs is a tri-colour cavalier king charles spaniel, so shirts can be pretty good on a hot day as his fur generally absorbs the black fur.

You should always follow the washing machine instructions to avoid any shrinkage. Fairly common sense, as it’s the same for human t-shirts, but worth noting anyway.

And that concludes our top five shirts for French Bulldogs to buy online. If we have missed anything particularly fetching (geddit?) then comment below or drop up a note – we suspect there will be a Frenchie shirt round two! Top Dog.

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Best Dog Friendly Beach Holidays in the UK – Tried and Tested Mon, 20 Aug 2018 22:53:05 +0000 Looking for somewhere different, geeky & not crammed with 'no dogs' signs? Check out these dog friendly beach holidays for you & your human. More

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First, a disclaimer. This is a work in progress. Dog friendly beach holidays have become our new obsession. We visit a lot of the UK and love taking our mutts to the beach. So check back now and again for any updates.

Dog friendly beach holidays? Not this placeWhen we got our first dog, we took a trip to Brighton. We wanted to introduce him to the sea. We’d laze, he’d wander – it would all be wonderful. We travelled down by train from London, got to the beach and were confronted with the sign. No Dogs. Stranger still, dogs were allowed on the beach but only in the winter months. We didn’t fancy a pupsicle – we did fancy a day in the sun.

Being the risk takers we are – we threw caution to the wind and decided to chance our luck. We lasted five minutes. In that time an official had wandered over to inform us of the rule and send us and the pup off backing to the back-streets. Side note: it then rained and we landed up sitting outside on a dog unfriendly chain restaurant looking and feeling miserable as we gnawed on soggy chips. Fail.

Since then we have become a lot more seasoned in sniffing out the best dog places. So check out these dog friendly beach holidays we’ve tried and tested thus far!

Tintagel, Cornwall

Tintagel is a Cornish village bursting with history. Most famously is the legend of King Arthur and links to Tintagel Castle. Notable past residents include Sir Francis Drake and J. B. Priestley as well as famous visitors from Charles Dickens to Thomas Hardy.

Tintagel - from Arthurian legends to hidden beaches
Tintagel - from Arthurian legends to hidden beaches

For the humans there’s plenty to see and explore, both by foot and by a short drive. For the dogs there’s… well everything. Almost all of the beaches were dog friendly – the busy tourist ones and the gorgeous little pockets of isolation we found dotted along the coast. There are coastal walks aplenty. Woods, fields.

What was even more enjoyable about the entire holiday was everything seemed to be dog friendly. The restaurants, the bistro, the cafe, the pubs, the shops. Even the historic Airbnb house that we stayed was delighted to welcome dogs.

A note for the geeks (and their humans). Just a quick drive outside of the village brought us to an old abandoned WW2 Royal Air Force base: RAF Davidstow Moor.

St. Andrews, Fife

You probably recognise this beach from the opening running scenes of ‘Chariots of Fire’. No? Well allow us!

The beach is long, sprawling and beautiful. The town is wonderful. Famed for its golf and of course the University of choice for Prince William, it offers plenty of places to explore. Villages surround it and its closest city, Dundee, is a short drive away.

Perhaps the most stunning route to the beach is not through St. Andrews itself but rather the adjoining Tentsmuir Forest. Because it’s a great place to explore with your dogs – the added bonus of opening up to the beach and the lapping waves of the sea makes this close to perfect.

Beach at St Andrews in Scotland

Note: Not all parts of the beach are dog friendly. Saying that, it’s very large – and who wants to be near the tourists anyway.

St Andrews itself has several dog friendly hotels, guesthouses and eateries – though if you’re visiting for more than a couple of days – it’s worth checking in advance for availability.

Burnham Overy Staithe Beach, Norfolk

Burnham Overy Staithe Beach is a lovely secluded beach and only a small part of this massive peaceful area full of golden sandy beaches, and pine forest.

Top friendly beaches in UK - Norfolk coast

Whether you walk east or west from here is up to you, either way, you’ll be met with miles of beautiful coastline, and zero restrictions on the amount of fun your furry companion can have.

It takes a while to reach the beach, you can count on a good mile long walk, but let that be your incentive, it’s never really busy, and the walk is stunning.

Note that you should be careful during nesting times, as the area is within the Holkham National Nature Reserve; make sure you have those ultimate value treats with you.

Ness Cove Beach, Devon

Another fairly quiet, and very dog friendly beach. Beware though, access is through the Smuggler’s Tunnel which leads onto steps, so getting to the beach can be tricky.

Ness Cove Beach - © Chris Allen

Dogs are welcome all year round, just make sure you have bags with you to clean up after your pet. You’ll find plenty of dog-friendly accommodation in the area too, just make sure Fido packs all the necessities.

The beach gradually slopes down to the sea, so if you have a scaredy cat who’ll only get wet up to his/her knees/elbows, this beach will be a good fit.

For the humans in the family, cafes and shops are nearby, serving the finest of Devon’s refreshments.

Be sure to check the tide tables, as most of it submerged during the high tide. At low tide, your pups might enjoy hunting for crabs and shellfish in the rocky pools, if they are so inclined.

That’s it for our dog friendly beach holidays for now. We’ll add more as we visit over the next few months. In the meantime – if you have any suggestions or even photos of you and your best friend on the beach – send us a picture or comment below. Also check our dog travel section for other ideas. Don’t forget the sun cream! Top Dog.

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4 Awesome Great Dane Toys – Tried and Tested Sat, 18 Aug 2018 22:18:43 +0000 A good old tennis ball might do the trick, but if you’re looking for something that will last for more than one play session, check out our recommendations which work wonders with our resident Dane puppy. More

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Ah, the lovable goofy Great Dane! Apollo of the dogs, with affinity for destruction. A good old tennis ball might do the trick, but if you’re looking for something that will last for more than one play session, check out our recommendations of Great Dane toys which work wonders with our resident Dane puppy.

1. Puller Interactive

Great Dane Toys - Top toy for Great Dane Puller InteractiveThese foam rings might not seem like the economical option, but they have many uses to be worth their price. The pack consists of two rings, and some initial ideas on how to use the rings.

Danes are not known for their retrieving abilities, but we managed to successfully teach ours to fetch one ring, return it for a quick game of tug, while we throw the other one for the next run. Spend 5 minutes with the Puller rings and both you and your dog will be in love. You can also use one for a quick game of tug around the house, and they are invaluable for redirection during your puppy’s biting phase.

  • Great physical and mental stimulation
  • Great for impulse and fetch training
  • Foam material makes it easy for your dog to grab
  • Safe for teeth

  • Foam material is easily marked by teeth
  • Shape does not recover well, so it won’t look great for long

2. Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball 

Great Dane Toys - ChuckIt! Squeaker review

We don’t want to make Great Dane toys sound complex. Most dogs love just a simple plain tennis ball, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph, look no further than the Chuck It Ultra Squeaker ball.

The rubbery material of these balls makes it irresistible, and the squeaker intensifies the desire to get the ball. This ball worked wonders in teaching our Great Dane to wait, speak and be quiet when asked.

Best ball ever! And perfect for the beach.

  • It squeaks! dogs love squeaking toys
  • Sturdy rubber material

  • It squeaks! this can get very annoying for the humans

3. Dingo Leather Tug with Handle

Great Dane Toys - Dingo Leather Tug with Handle

Your Great Dane is not keen on our choice of top toys? Dingo leather tug will solve your problems! This sturdy toy made out of suede leather will be a hit with any dog who prefers soft toys. It works as a retrieving dummy as well, or with a bit of scent you can try something calmer like scent work.



  • sturdy leather material
  • easy for your dog to hold
  • useful for fetching and scent work

  • handle can be a bit difficult to hold if you have a particularly ruff tugger

4. KONG Classic Dog Toy 

Great Dane Toys - Kong Classic

Kong is a well-known name among dog lovers, and this massive Classic is the perfect size for your giant. A popular staple of the Great Dane toys market -Kong Classic provides great mental stimulation, and can work a treat for you need to leave your beloved pooch alone at home. Our favourite recipe is xylitol-free peanut butter, sprats and a drizzle of honey.



  • great mental stimulation for any dog
  • sturdy rubber material

  • large size means you need to fill it with more food
  • your dog will eventually figure out the quickest way to get all the food out of the Kong

Need some downtime? Check our article on how to keep your bored dog entertained.

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7 Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks Sat, 18 Aug 2018 16:11:27 +0000 GeekDog have handpicked our favourite French Bulldog T-Shirts we found (and used) online for girl geek humans. Superhero Frenchie is a must! More

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As much as we’d love to spend all day with our loved ones, things get in the way. You know… work and nights out. My other half got me a great t-shirt recently for our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I get asked about it. All. The. Time. So we’re sharing the French Bulldog T-Shirts love to you, dear reader.

We’ve already put together our fabulous list for French Bulldogs themselves -but what about their girl geek humans? We’ll here’s our 7 best French Bulldog T-Shirts we’ve found on Amazon for Geek Girls. Of course, it’s a t-shirt so it can be worn by anyone – but if you want geek chic specifically for boys – check back soon for our suggestions.

1. Sorry, I can’t… I have plans with my French Bulldog

Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - Sorry I can't...Okay, so this one may be better suited to conversational situations. But it shows everyone who’s number one in your life – and that’s okay with us.

Shirt sizes – Small 34-36″ chest, Medium 38-40″ chest, Large 42-44″ chest, X-Large 46-48″ chest ,XX-Large 48-50″ chest and XXX-Large 54-56″ chest

Available HERE

2. My Patronus is a French Bulldog

Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - My Patronus is A French Bulldog

One for Harry Potter fans. What better outcome of casting Expecto Patronum, or the Patronus Charm, than your French Bulldog (that would be a corporeal Patronus? Ideal for warding off idiots, bad dates or Dementors.

Available in sizes S-6/8, M-8/10, L-10/12, XL-12/14, XXL-14/16

Available HERE

3. French Bulldog Superhero T-Shirt

Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - Frenchie SuperheroIt says for men but IT’S A FRENCH BULLDOG SUPERHERO! So, take my money. We love this. Available in a range of colours – but we picked the yellow for this picture because it looked the most… comic book. One of our favourite French Bulldog t-shirts. Did we mention it’s a SUPERHERO? Okay, we did.

S, M, L, XL available.

Available HERE

4. Stay Rad

Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - Stay Rad TshirtThis poster art piece just looks great. Modern and quirky, great for a night out. Available in lots of different colours.

S, M, L, XL available.

Available HERE

5. The Trippy Psychedelic French Bulldog

Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - Psychedelic French BulldogIf Austin Powers (Well, maybe his sister) had a Frenchie, this would fit right in. This 60’s inspired psychedelic cotton shirt is for the bright, colourful Frenchie lover.

Various sizes available.

Available HERE

6. Frenchie Print T-Shirt

Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - Graphic Print French BulldogSlick, clean and to the point. There are a few similar out there but this one was our favourite. This is a real stopped-in-the-street type of t-shirt so be prepared to have a lot of French Bulldog type conversations.

Sizes range from Small to XX-Large.

Available HERE

7. Making Dog Waves

Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - Making WavesThis is the same design as my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel one and having worn it to the thread for two years – my favourite.

It’s different, geeky and attention grabbing.

Sizes vary between small and XX-Large.

Available HERE

Plus a Few Extra

Okay, we said 7 – but these were worth an honourable mention.

Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - Frenchie Women’s Premium T-Shirt
French Bulldog Frenchie Women’s Premium T-Shirt
Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - French Bulldog Bully Mom
French Bulldog Bully Mom
Best French Bulldog T-Shirts for Human Girl Geeks - Nope Lazy French Bulldog
Nope Lazy French Bulldog

French Bulldog T-Shirts Summary

That’s it for our list of French Bulldog t-shirts. Let us know if you have missed any or you have any recommendations for the Frenchie dog lovers out there. Comment below or send us a message on social. Until Next Time. TopDog.

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