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Best Personalized Dog Gifts for 2018

Gifts so good, you’ll want a human version.

Personalized dog gifts not only send Fido into wagging tail mode – they also look good around the home. It’s a growing market with people buying more bespoke items for their furry, fluffy friend.

So we’ve put together our favourite personalised dog gifts from 2018. As with a lot of the things on this site – we’ve tried and tested many of these – but we always welcome more suggestions from our readers.

Personalized ‘Bear Hug Blanket’

personalised dog gifts - bear hug blanketThis machine washable blanket from the guys at Spoilt Rotten Pets is designed for larger dogs (there are smaller versions available). The blanket is the height of comfort. To say it’s soft and cuddly doesn’t do it justice.

What makes it even better is the personalised embroidery of your loved ones name. Of course, if you have more than one cuddly companion like we do – there’s bound to be jealous – so more than one may be required to stop arguments.

Arcadian Dog Bathrobe

Personalised Dog Gifts - BathrobeNot strictly personalised – but with so many different sizes and colours you can find something to match your pooches unique style. Plus, it’s a bathrobe! It doesn’t get much cooler than a dog with his/her own bathrobe. Anyway… in addition to the bathrobe being cute, it’s practical. So the next time you take fido to the beach, the pool, the sea or when caught in the rain – this fashion accessory will do the trick.

Personalised Paw Print Towel

Personalised Dog Gifts - Paw Dog TowelBoth of our dogs are water fans. No, not fans – one actively hates it – more make contact with water often. Being in the UK, it rains constantly – not to mention the showers from trailing in the mud and the trips to the local dog swimming pool. All of these make for a very wet pooch. Of course, we have towels – but the yelling of “No, not that blue towel, THAT blue towel!” aren’t unusual. Anyone else? No, just us? Okay then.

You can see the practical side then, obviously, but like the personalised towels and robes for humans – this is another status symbol for your family member.

Like several of the personalized dog gifts; there’s a few variations of this towel out there – this one being personally embroidered with a towel dimension of approx 120cm x 70cm.

Added bonus – for the sci-fi geeks out there, this will look great on Towel Day.

Personalised Dog Treat Jar

Personalised Dog Gifts - Dog JarPaws off! These treats are mine. This jar is a nice way or storing those treats. They are made of ceramic with a wooden lid and are available in a range of colours.

Just remember to keep it out of reach – we’ve lost many treats that way.

Bone shaped Dog Bowl holder (with bowls)

Personalised Dog Gifts - Bone shaped Dog Bowl holderI’ll start by saying that the product name “The Boner” is perhaps, in hindsight, a little ill considered. Or perhaps the cheeky ‘Carry On’ bawdy innuendo is intentional. I’m surely not the first person to query this, so I guess the latter.

Anyway, this is a pretty neat design. The wooden base is laser engraved with your dogs name while two 6.5” stainless steel bowls are included. This is way too small for larger dogs, but great for smaller pups. We’ve included an alternative below for the bigger pooches out there.

Personalized Ceramic Large Dog Bowl

Personalised Dog Gifts - Large Ceramic Dog BowlBetter for larger dogs, this ceramic dog bowl is strong, weighs just over 1kg with a height and width of around 18cm.

Unlike a lot of other personalized dog bows out there – this one not only allows a name (up to twelve characters long) and a message below (up to thirty characters long).

Now, here’s the thing – coming up with that subtitle can take some thought. There are countless terms – but given our penchant for all things geek – here’s a few film title puns that could apply:

  • Gone in 60 Seconds
  • The Fast and the Furriest
  • Bark to the Future
  • Donnie Barko

You get the idea. Perhaps we should just stick to dogs.

Personalized ‘reserved’ Cushion

Personalized Gifts for Dogs - Reserved for CushionThe last of our personalized dog gifts starts with a cautionary tail (boom boom). I’m not sure how things go in your house, but in ours the dogs have laid claim to everything. We’ve lost the sofa, the chairs, the bed, the floors and every other space of comfort to them. Most days we land up just standing whilst they sprawl out in comfort. Hmphh.

So this reserved cushion is a natural extension of this. After all, a visitor could assume that that empty sofa is a perfect place to, you know, sit. They would of course, be wrong. “That’s Fido’s spot” you’ll say as Fido eyes the visitor with distain.

Also this is a far better smelling way to mark a dogs territory.

This machine washable cushion contains durable linen to stop it being destroyed easily and can have your dogs name added as part of the product.

That’s it from our list of best personalized dog gifts for 2018. We hope you enjoyed out recommendations. However, as with anything home based – opinions will vary. So why not share yours or your suggestions in the comment section. Whatever you end up surprising your furry friend with – I hope it’s a waggy tail affair! Top Dog.

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